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Not getting pregnant as quickly as you'd hoped? Here's when and how to get help.

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It's natural to be impatient when you're trying to conceive, but if you're over 35 and it's been six months or you're under 35 and it's been a year since you began your baby quest, it might be time to chat with your doctor. And as frustrating as it may be, remember that you're not alone—roughly 10 to 15 percent of couples of childbearing age experience some period of infertility. However, there's also some good news behind this statistic: With proper evaluation and treatment, more than half of those couples will eventually succeed in getting pregnant.

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That can of bug spray may keep pests out of your garden, but it could also affect your fertility. Research suggests that methoxychlor, a pesticide ingredient, not only alters an estrogen-regulating gene, leading to reduced fertility, but also may reduce men's production of testosterone (another key hormone for reproduction). But before you panic about all those fruits and vegetables in your fridge, remember this: Simply tossing any products that contain these chemicals is a good place to start. One surefire way to avoid pesticides completely? Go organic. Look for the USDA Organic label on food and even clothing. Certified organic products haven't been treated with synthetic pesticides.

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