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You're 4 Weeks Pregnant!
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You're 4 Weeks Pregnant!Hi there!
If you haven't yet learned the amazing news, you will any day now. Within a week, home pregnancy tests will be able to pick up enough of the "pregnancy hormone" hCG in your urine to confirm that yes, you're going to be a mom! Congrats! Have you thought about who you're going to tell and how you're going to do it?

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As if finding out you're pregnant isn't exciting enough, here's more incredible stuff that's happening this week:    

  • The yolk sac and amniotic cavity are beginning to form.
  • Baby is already developing layers of cells that will eventually become the brain, bones, muscles, skin, hair and organs. We know: Wow!
  • You may begin to experience some, uh, unpleasant pregnancy symptoms—ranging from nausea to breast tenderness to major tiredness. Take it easy and try eating blandish foods, like whole wheat crackers and tummy-settling ginger ale, to minimize queasiness.

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Q: I've heard that some women still have their periods for the first few months of pregnancy. Is this true?
A: Women who are pregnant do not get a period but they may bleed or spot occasionally. It may occur at approximately the correct time of the month, as well. Though sometimes the bleeding can be heavier... Read more

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