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15 Easy and Natural Stress Busters That Work!
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Reduce and relieve stress in as little as two minutes with these 15 calming tricks
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9 Ways You Can Stop Being Cranky and Have More Fun
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Remember how awesome summer was when you were a kid? Here's how to recapture some of the fun
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You Could Win a Pilates Machine!
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You could win a Pilates Machine!Summer's not over yet! We want you to get the beach body you want and deserve. We're giving away a Pilates Power Gym Pro, the portable machine that combines traditional strength training with Pilates movements. Adjust the resistance and intensity to create a workout that's right for you. Enter daily for more chances to win.
Your Free Guide to Great Hair
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Join Our iVillage Get Great Hair Community Challenge!This August, we're celebrating hair all month long with our iVillage Get Great Hair Community Challenge®! You'll get free daily hair-care tips, solutions and how-to hairstyle guides guaranteed to keep your locks looking healthy and trendy. Sign up now with just one click!
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