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You're 8 Weeks Pregnant!

Hi there!

Are you feeling the burn—the heartburn, that is? A lot of moms-to-be experience indigestion and bloating at this stage in their pregnancy. The good news is that both of these annoying symptoms are pretty manageable by doing simple things like wearing comfy clothes, eating slowly and sipping lots of water to alleviate water retention (sounds counterintuitive, but it's true!). By now you may have gained a few pounds, but you also shouldn't stress if you've been so sick that you've actually dropped a bit of weight. It's fairly common during the first trimester—and usually nothing your doctor will be concerned about.

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    Now, can we talk about your amazing kid? Here's what's happening this week:

    • The baby's heart has already formed its four chambers and is beating with a regular rhythm.
    • Her hands and feet look like little paddles. And the beginnings of her toes will soon shape.
    • The external ears are starting to present.
    • Your baby's muscles can contract—although you won't actually feel her wiggling around in there for another 10 weeks or so.
    Read more about your 8th week
    See more photos at 8 weeks
    Q: What can I expect on my first prenatal visit? Should my husband tag along?
    A: There is so much that can be accomplished and taught at the initial obstetrical visit in early pregnancy, it can be difficult for parents to take it all in. But yes, your husband should definitely come along. Read more