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Perfect timing! Here's what to do for your health before you get pregnant.

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For a Healthy Pregnancy, Eat Right—Right Now!
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Do You Need to Be Thin to Conceive?
And Can You Be Too Thin?
Exercise: Can Too Much Affect Fertility?

Taking good care of yourself when you're expecting is a no-brainer, but the state of your health before you've got a baby on board matters, too—especially since you could be pregnant for weeks before you see that pink plus sign on a pregnancy test. Eating right, maintaining a healthy weight and getting enough folic acid even just a few months before conceiving can actually help prevent certain birth defects. And since a fetus is most vulnerable in the first trimester, it's never too early to give your baby-to-be the best possible start. Talk to your doctor about your family plans now... and kudos to you for thinking ahead.

Get Pregnant Faster Tip

Want to make a baby ASAP? Then it's last call for alcohol. Research suggests that even a few drinks a week may affect your fertility, and the more you imbibe, the greater the risk. To increase your chances for a speedy conception, you and your partner—drinking may affect his fertility too—should give up booze as soon as possible. (Three months before you start trying is ideal.)

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Supplements and Diet for Getting Pregnant?
"Hello, ladies! We hear a lot of advice about how supplements and diet can affect our fertility. I thought it might be appropriate to share what supplements we are on, how they are supposed to help, and if we have seen any success."

What are you doing to prepare for pregnancy? Share your ideas with other women just like you!